Are you about to move overseas and need to find a place to store your car? Instead of selling your car, you could rent an affordable vehicle storage spot at our facility in Fairfield, CA. After all, we are only about 3 miles north of Travis AFB. Our online reservation system is easy and allows you to start storing your vehicle in a matter of minutes, so check out our options.
How Sun Ray Storage Makes Vehicle Parking Easy
There are many reasons to store your vehicle at a storage facility. For instance, you can use our services to store your travel trailer for a few months until those trips you have planned start. Even if your renting experience ends up going on for years, you are sure to love our features. If you cannot store your RV at home, need uncovered parking with wide aisles for your boat, or want to store your fifth-wheel trailer while living abroad, our place is great for anything of vehicle size and bigger.
No matter your situation, you will be very pleased to find us as the prices are fair and the vehicle storage lot is roomy, making it easy to get in and out. The extended business hours are very nice, too. If you like the idea of storing your vehicle with the help of 24-hour digital video surveillance, coded gate entry, on-site management, ample parking space, and high privacy fencing, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Sun Ray Storage is conveniently located at 5044 Peabody Rd, Fairfield, CA 94533. We can serve a variety of communities in the Fairfield area such as Vacaville, Elmira, and Cannon. Whether you need a secure RV parking solution or want to keep your car near your home until you return, you can use our phone number to reach us directly. Tell us a bit more about your vehicle storage needs or send us any questions you may have via the contact form on our website. We’re super friendly and easy to talk to, making it easy to resolve any issues!